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Suzhou zonta electromechanical technology co., LTD. Was established in July, 2015. The company is located in suzhou industrial park, with over 70 high-quality sales, technical and service personnel. Companies adhering to the "customer satisfaction is our eternal pursuit of" business philosophy, constantly provide customers with quality products and services, is committed to domestic and foreign customers to provide a full range of hydraulic pressure system, fluid transmission system, automatic system, such as integrated solutions and products supporting services.

Suzhou zonta rich products, the main products are hydraulic pump and motor, hydraulic control valve, cylinder and rotary actuators, accumulator, cooler, complete sets of hydraulic system, filtration, water purification, compressed air and gas filter, engine and engineering machinery, hydraulic filters, gas, rubber hose and hose connectors, pipe joint, heat can low, industrial pipe, quick change connectors, high pressure connection, dc and ac motor speed controller, servo motor and its drive, pneumatic components and low pressure pipe fittings, fluid control solenoid valve, sealing products, instrument fittings, instrumentation valves, valve group and DBB flange valve group, mass flowmeter, instrument analysis system, steel pipe processing equipment, etc.

In terms of quality management, suzhou zonta established and implemented the "excellent supply chain management mode", successfully passed the ISO 9001:2015(DNV) quality system certification. Have their own design, sales and construction team, can provide from design, product selection, supply, installation, pressure test, cleaning service, pollution detection and so on all the work, can meet the different needs of customers independently, from basic element to complete integrated system.

In suzhou, China and Thailand in the last three years has a very good market performance and brand image, 2016 annual sales of more than 4090 (the monetary unit is RMB ten thousand yuan, nearly 400000 yuan, the annual pay enterprise income tax pay VAT of nearly 910000 yuan. In all the efforts of staff and customers from all walks of life in 2017, under the care of full-year sales rose 48%, more than 6077 ten thousand yuan, the annual pay enterprise income tax of nearly 1.04 million yuan, the annual pay VAT nearly 1.44 million yuan. At the beginning of 2017, we have submitted the application of "hurd" and "HYDORING" trademarks to the state administration of trademark.

Suzhou zonta business market coverage of new energy, medical, wind power, food and beverage, rubber and plastic machinery, paper making, automobile manufacturing, aerospace, military industry, engineering machinery, environmental protection, rail transportation, natural gas, machinery manufacturing and other industries, with a number of European and American investment company and the domestic industry well-known enterprises in China, for example: the car group, sinopec, petrochina, Shanghai zhenhua, the Chinese heavy industry, sany heavy industry, the Bosch group, magna, bombardier, thyssenkrupp, honeywell, parker hannen Fen, Eaton, caterpillar, George fisher, buhler China, Johnson &johnson medical health, clean for established long-term relations of cooperation, has a good reputation, for two years "sales breakthrough" target to consolidate the good foundation.

In growing at the same time, suzhou zonta always adhere to the performance of the corporate social responsibility, to carry out the joint zonta group "heeling" WeiYe commonweal public welfare activities, such as the pursuit to the sustainable development of man and environment harmonious coexistence, will "love first, green as source" as the lifeblood of enterprise development, and actively follow the green operation standard, promote resource conservation and sustainable use of raw materials, so as to reduce the pollution to the environment, with the real action make contributions to the sustainable development of China, and the common progress of the society.

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